Eco Canada Textile Recycling Inc
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Did you know?

Did you know that approximately ten million tons of textile waste is currently dumped in landfill sites in Canada, Europe, and America each year?

Our Role

Eco Canada Textile Recycling Inc.collects used clothing and other textile items through clothing drives, donations, door to door pick up and collection bins and supports local charities through the collection and redistribution of used goods.

Every usable item we collect is sent for processing and reused rather than placed in a landfill. Donated items can be reused for many purposes. Donated items can be:

  • Second hand clothing
  • Recycled fabrics
  • Reprocessed into fibers

Only a small portion of the items donated are actually unusable and discarded.

Each year, thousands of Canadians are touched by breast cancer. It not only impacts the individuals living with the disease, but their loved ones as well. As a proud sponsor and supporter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF), Eco Canada Textile Recycling is working with the CBCF to create a future without breast cancer.

  Recycle your unwanted clothes & shoes to help support our cause!